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One Lap of the Web: Cozy Coupes and '80s ATVs

Wed, 26 Mar 2014

-- Bill Simpson is a legend in the world of motorsports -- so much so that it might have taken you a moment to realize that there is a real Simpson behind those Simpson helmets. After 40 years spent saving the lives of drivers everywhere, a few years ago Simpson had a chance encounter with then-Indianapolis Colts offensive line coach Tom Moore. So he decided to tackle (heh, punny!) the world of youth football with carbon-fiber and Kevlar helmets that weigh less than 2 pounds and have already started reducing concussions in high school games.

-- Come revisit the '80s with this footage from the 1983 ATV National Championship in Santa Cruz. Part One, above. Part Two, for more radness. It was a simpler time -- when the shorts were short, the ATVs had just three wheels, and a Honda Odyssey sat just one person instead of eight.

-- Have you ever thought to yourself, "yes, I need the perfect branded accessory to supplement my $1.4-million, one-of-77 Aston Martin One-77, and my nascent alcoholism?" Well, Mr. Bond, do we have the overpriced bauble for you! You can buy a gold-plated Aston Martin wine cooler that resembles a squashed top hat for the low, low price of just $41,500. Like everything in Aston Martin's lineup, this is a limited-edition, one-of-whatever as well -- 10, in this case. (David Brown's children, David and Angela, took comfort knowing that they, too, were "one-of-two" special editions.) Its unique features include polished sterling silver accents, carbon fiber inlays, and a special peasant-proofing characteristic where inserting a bottle of Barefoot Moscato will cause it to explode. You can also rest easy tonight knowing that Porsche has a "cooler" cooler that's a fraction of the price. For once, a Porsche product is a value proposition.

-- A Porsche 924 wrapped in couch cushions definitely qualifies as a Cozy Coupe. A knit car. If it was a Toyota, it would be a Yarn-is. A Sofa-lara, even. In Europe, maybe a Seat-tro

By Blake Z. Rong