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One Lap of the Web: Lambrecht cars, drifting red Italian cars, and lost east German cars

Wed, 25 Sep 2013

-- The Lambrecht Chevrolet sale is this weekend, and VanDerBrink auction house has posted some more walkaround videos of the lots. Check out this video which highlights some of the trucks and sedans, most of them with delivery mileage.

-- Here's an interesting car that sold on eBay last week and attracted quite a bit of attention on a 1975 Peugeot 604 that was brought into the U.S. just eleven years ago. While some of you will recall that this model was indeed available in the U.S. market, it never sold in great numbers. In fact, only a couple dozen examples are thought to survive in this country in running condition. And that itself may be a very optimistic estimate. We know of just one other European-market example of the PRV 2.7-liter V6 engined French saloon, and it resides in upstate New York.

-- Chris Harris got a chance to drive a Ferrari F50 and a Ferrari F40, in a way that we hadn't quite seen before. He says that he still can't believe this day actually happened, and given how difficult it is to get access to both cars at the same time, with an order to drive them hard, we can't believe this day happened either. But there's footage of that day, and plenty of it. Take a look.

-- One hoon has found a Wartburg 311 in the U.S. in enthusiast ownership, and that enthusiast is wondering if anyone has the 411 on Wartburg parts in the U.S. We're, uhh, a bit skeptical that he's going to be able to find any, unless he searches German classifieds online, but Hooniverse's Jim Brennan claims to have seen a Wartburg in a junkyard years ago. What about you, have you seen any Wartburgs in the states, at a junkyard or otherwise?

By Autoweek editors