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One Lap of the Web: Peugeot climbs, an extremist sinks and a proposed $1,500 race car

Thu, 18 Apr 2013

We spend a lot of time on the Internet -- pretty much whenever we're not driving, writing about or working on cars. Since there's more out there than we'd ever be able to cover, here's our daily digest of car stuff on the Web you may not otherwise have heard about.

-- Peugeot has prepped a Pikes Peak 208, and the folks at Gizmag take an in-depth look at the car. We can't help but think it'd make a hell of a snow shovel, too.

Check out our coverage of the 2012 Pikes Peak hillclimb here.

-- John Voelcker at Green Car Reports examines whether the Tesla Model S has already won the big luxury sales wars. Here's a hint: Depends on how you classify the Model S.

Read our review of the Tesla Model S.

-- Putting cars in your living room/workspace can be cheesy or it can be awesome, depending upon the execution. As we'd expect from Petrolicious, this one's the latter, in part due to the choice of rolling sculpture.

-- Automoblog thinks they've found the formula for a $1,500 track car; we think they've got the basics, but some of the details might be challenging -- like finding a CRX Si or Mk 2 GTI that hasn't been utterly thrashed for under a grand.

For example, this 1989 CRX Si was at $8,000 before we stopped watching.

-- Professional disgruntled former ad man Peter Delorenzo really detests GM boss Dan Ackerson ... something we already knew, but which reaches new heights of vehemence (and venom) in the latest Autoextremist rant. If you pretend it's in all-caps you can almost visualize your crazy uncle typing away in a dark room. Bonus points if you finish the whole thing.

By Autoweek editors