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One Lap of the Web: Used car deals, Audi A7 and the Lamborghini Veneno

Fri, 24 Jan 2014

Flat Sixes is looking into a Porsche 914 for sale. The project car has a few questionable mods, and is selling for $10,000. Flat Sixes thinks it's a little overpriced considering the black painted windshield surround and body color bumpers, check it out at Flat Sixes or Los Angeles Craigslist.

Sticking in the used car market, Bring a Trailer is looking at a classic, 1974 BMW 2002tii. The car is re-sprayed in factory Polaris Silver, and has a rebuilt top end. This one is selling out of Washington for $18,000. The second gear synchro is bad, and it has a cracked dash, but this car is daily-driver ready.

The next Audi A7 is headed our way later this year, but World Car Fans spotted the cruiser winter testing wearing camouflage. The bumper looks new and the headlights seem to be restyled a bit. Engine options are still unconfirmed, but expect a selection of boosted V6s and V8s.

The Lamborghini Veneno is a rare car. So when one gets delivered, people pull out their cell phones. The car was purchased by Kris Singh, who decided to buy one after seeing the wild Aventador J. Singh says he's a huge fan of the brand and history. He bought the car sight unseen. It stickered for $4,106,000.

By Jake Lingeman