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One Lap of the Web: Virtual Hemi 'Cudas and 1932 Ford memories

Fri, 04 Apr 2014

-- NASCAR driver Casey Mears reunites with a 1932 Ford that he remembers from his childhood and high school years in Bakersfield. His father Roger bought it in 1982 but sold it in the mid-'90s; six years ago, Casey was able to bring it back into the Mears fold. His daughter is 5, the same age Mears was when he was able to reach the pedals. Funny how that works out.

-- If you're reading this today, Formula Drift is starting up in Long Beach. (If you're reading this in the past, rest assured that it was a good show.) Hankook Tires, the series sponsor, has a spotter's guide to the 2014 Formula Drift season, which covers exactly three Nissan 240SXs, two 350Zs, one 370Z, two Chevy Camaros, Ken Gushi's FR-S, and exactly one Corvette-powered Mazda Miata -- belonging to hirsute hero Danny George, who won the "Spirit of Drift" award two years ago and is a "die-hard Miata guy." Not that we're biased.

-- There's a Japanese tuner called "Profit Inc." that specializes in nothing but Toyota Crowns and Nissan Cedrics from the 1970s and 1980s. Ever see wire wheels on a Crown Royal Saloon? Thought only the Americans could rock landau tops? Think again -- as Japanese Nostalgic Car found out at Nostalgic2Days. We don't know how much profit Profit Inc. makes, but we imagine its buyers would have to line up behind Murilee Martin.

-- Aaron Beck is a conceptual artist from New Zealand who most notably worked on Elysium. He also harbors an infatuation with the Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger twins. Naturally, being a man possessed with digital talent, his E-body renders are wild, beautiful, and pay homage to everything from the Fokker triplane to Rusty Slammington. We're obviously going to lean towards a woody wagon.

By Blake Z. Rong