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One Lap of the Web: a diesel Audi, a mint Alfa and a Honda-powered Peugeot

Wed, 18 Sep 2013

-- Ever wondered how a Peugeot 106 with a Honda CBR900 engine sitting midships would perform at the track? Well, we have. A number of times just today before lunch, in fact. But unlike us, Finnish hoons don't daydream about these sorts of mashups -- they just do it. And the soundtrack is great. That's, um, quite a luxurious interior trim on the Peugeot 106 there.

-- Although every other Alfa Romeo from the 1960s through the 1980s seemed to have been red, it just wasn't a popular color on the Alfa Romeo 164 sedan. In fact, it's probably been years since we've seen a red 164. Until this week. Here's an amazingly clean 1995 164LS for sale out of California, with one of the higher mileages we've seen stateside examples accumulate. There's some pretty strong bidding going on, and the seller's presentation is quite thorough. This is how you list a car!

-- Audi's got a hilarious commercial out, one that we suspect makes more sense in North America than it does in, say, the U.K. Either way, it's great, so take a look.

-- Another example of everyone's favorite Alfa Romeo, the Alfetta sedan, has hit the eBays, and this 1979 example finished in black appears quite clean inside and out. This one, unfortunately, comes with a three-speed slushbox. The Buy it Now price appears quite reasonable for the condition and spec, and judging by the counter there is some interest in the car. Not a concours vehicle by any means, as the seller is keen to point out, but there aren't too many concours events that would let an Alfetta in (unless we're talking about Concours d'LeMons) Take a look at the plate: Nevada classic vehicle 587? Really? Nevada needs to get some more classic vehicles!

By Autoweek editors