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Overfinch Range Rovers retain their value on used car market

Wed, 29 Aug 2012

CAP – used car value experts - have revealed that Overfinch enhancements to Land Rover vehicles retain their value on used cars.

It’s all very well paying an aftermarket customiser to make your new pride and joy more individual, but you can probably kiss goodbye to most of what you’ve spent when it comes time to trade in your car.

But it appears that there is one aftermarket customiser whose enhancements hold their value when it comes time to sell – Overfinch.

Overfinch have been modifying Land Rovers and Range Rovers for a generation and are one of the few car customisers that non-petrolheads have ever heard of.

That huge experience, and the fact that Overfinch’s modifications to the products of Land Rover are a lot less OTT than much of the competition, means a used Overfinch Range Rover is, on average, going to be worth 23 per cent more than a car without mods.

CAP have been tracking Overfinch Range Rover and Range Rover Sport sales for a year and have concluded that, unlike most customised cars, the Overfinch models depreciate at the same rate as the base car.

Overfinch boss, Kevin Sloane, said:

CAP’s evaluation is testimony to our long-standing ethos of enhancing Range Rovers as opposed to merely altering them.

I understand CAP’s opinion on Overfinch is unique in the aftermarket Land Rover arena. I’m delighted that its research consolidates our position as the leading Land Rover tuning brand and demonstrates a compelling economic argument for investing in Overfinch products.

It’s probably fair to say that many car buyers who choose to go to Overfinch (or Kahn or Revere) for their titivated Range Rovers don’t exactly have an eye on residuals, but if you do, and you want a more individual Range Rover, it looks like Overfinch are your best bet.


By Cars UK