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PG Elektrus looking for the Tesla Roadster market

Wed, 25 Jan 2012

PG Elektrus aims to take over from the Tesla Roadster

German manufacturer PG and designer Michael Fröhlich have created the PG Elektrus, a Lotus Elise with an electric motor.

With production of the Tesla Roadster now at an end, where will the millions thousands hundreds handful of car buyers round the world looking for an electric Lotus Elise for three times the money of the donor car look for gratification? Step up the PG Elektrus.

German manufacturer Elektra and car designer Michael Fröhlich have created the PG Elektrus based on the Lotus Elise and powered by an electric motor with a lithium ion battery pack. Sound familiar?

The Germans have, however, gone a step further than Silicon Valley’s car maker in chief by cladding their Elise in a new carbon fibre skin to make it lighter, and they’ve bolted a solar panel on the back to give the batteries a bit of help (which should be enough to run an indicator for 20 seconds in Northern Europe).

The electric motor in the PG Elektrus delivers around 270bhp and 258lb/ft of torque which is apparently enough oomph to deliver a sub 3 second 0-60mph time. PG say the PG has a range of 217 miles in normal driving, but we doubt using the impressive performance will yield a range anywhere close to that.

And if you thought the Tesla Roadster was pricey at around £100k, you won’t be thrilled to find the PG Elektrus will cost €240,000. Which makes PG’s plans to build 667 cars look a little fanciful.

By Cars UK