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Performance Car of the Year photo gallery - day 3

Wed, 22 Dec 2010

Alex Tapley steers the SLS in convoy following the Elise. Just look how long that bonnet is...

And in the yellow corner, the Italians. Ferrari 458 Italia and Lambo LP570-4 Superleggera are remarkably different propositions

Orange BMW M3 GTS was only one in the world at the time of testing. The other media demonstrator had been binned by a UK TV show...

The Elise is low on oomph, but high on thrills. Struggled to keep up on the hills, but in the corners, it was a revelation. Still the best steering here

The M3 GTS and Subaru Impreza Cosworth carve through a moonscape. Imagine what this would be like in winter, those poles your only sign of corners...

Porsche 911 GT2 RS shadows Merc SLS AMG. PCOTY sounds like fun (it was), but as you can tell by the summery dusk, there were plenty of late nights as we worked those photographers hard

Hippy slogans meet balletic 911 GT2 RS. We love hairpins like this

Jethro Bovingdon and Ben Barry swap notes in the fog. 'I'll take one of each please'

Lambo is layered with Alcantara. And that steering wheel! It sports a specially rough brand of suede, the most rippled rim we've ever held onto

Tray bien! (Our French isn't very good)

Megane Renaultsport ruled in the hills. It honestly gave as much pleasure as the supercars. (Well, nearly)

High-vis cars? Check. Some of the most beautiful roads in Europe? You bet

Roads around Mont Ventoux were sublime. Difficult to keep your eye on the next corner when there are views and errant cyclists at every turn to keep you occupied

Low flying cloud made our trip to the mountain extra stunning. There are no special effects here: this is what we saw

Screed hilltops contrast with the metallic cars. At least we didn't lose any of our flock

Chilton and Barry swap notes on the Elise. Age shall not wither this car

Yes, it's way too expensive. Ludicrously so, in fact. But we still loved the M3 GTS. It's like an M3, only more so

'Hello, is that Nasa?'

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