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Peugeot Partner Teepee Outdoor HDi 110 Review & Road Test

Sat, 24 Apr 2010

The Peugeot Partner Tepee Outdoor HDi 110 Reviewed & Road Tested

There are myriad reasons why people choose the cars they do. Economy, looks, performance, colour, vanity – the list goes on. But if your major consideration when you choose your vehicle is practicality then you won’t go very far wrong when you choose this  particular offering from Peugeot – the Peugeot Partner Teepee Outdoor – because it is the perfect example of function over form.

The Peugeot Partner Tepee is Peugeot’s version of the very popular Citroen Berlingo. Our test car is the top of the heap Partner Tepee Outdoor HDi 110 with bolt-on rufty-tufty body plastics – all the better for tackling the urban jungle – a raised ride height and underbody protection.

The Partner Tepee is basically a van with windows – albeit a very well fitted one – and when you start to drive it the advantages of these van- like qualities become obvious. The sitting position is higher than in a car – which I actually prefer in anything other than something designed to perform – and there’s lots of headroom. The sliding rear passenger doors limit careless knocks in car parks caused by over exuberant children, the all round visibility is great and the van wing mirrors make reversing a doddle.

As with the current crop of Peugeot’s the Tepee is very easy to drive. This particular model is fitted with the adequately  perky 1.6 HDi  107bhp diesel  – a version of the same engine you’ll find in the MINI – and the torquey nature of the engine  makes you feel like you’re nipping along very nicely – far better around town than the 0-60mph of 12.5 seconds would suggest.

Even 75mph motorway cruises are French-comfy, wind noise is acceptable and road noise not too intrusive,  although some surfaces do elicit some odd tyre noises which the cavernous cabin seems to amplify. Irritating rather than objectionable and probably just a betrayal of the Teepee’s van roots

Getting any sort of hustle on around windier country roads – thanks to the soft ride and the ‘which way are my wheels pointing?’ light steering – is a slightly hairier affair (and something of a giggle) and your passengers might have something to say as they hang on dutifully. But you will be more than a little grateful for that soft French ride and no-feel steering as the Peugeot floats over badly pot-holed home counties roads.

For a family with children, a dog or two, and all the associated paraphernalia this Peugeot will fit the bill. There is ample seating for five and there are cup holders and cubbyholes all over the place

It is obvious that a lot of work and thought has been put into this car – on the practical front if not the stylish one. The practical nature of the car is also obvious in the fixtures and fittings, the use of hard plastics – for ease of cleaning – and hard wearing fabrics point towards the hard work this interior will be subject to. Out test car is fitted with Air con and SatNav – the latter being allied to a decent sound  unit – so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be looked after and comfortable while all the hard work goes on around you.

The everyday practical value of this car is further realised when you come to carrying anything other than passengers. My mob may be the exception, but we have mattresses, beds, wardrobes, garden rubbish and numerous other odd shaped items to collect or dispose of, and this wonderfully practical Peugeot can cope with almost anything.

The boxy shape gives 624 litres of space – easily enough for the family with luggage or a couple of bikes – with the seats all in place. There’s even hanging space above the passengers’ heads for skis or surf boards – after all, you want to keep your skis and surfboards dry – but with the seats all tucked away there are 2,800 litres of usable space, which should cover most eventualities. Probably even moving home – at a pinch.

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