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Pforzheim University Summer Show 2007

Fri, 03 Aug 2007

Transportation Design students at Germany's Pforzheim University displayed their work in the school's summer degree show held in July, one of two graduation shows per year. The exhibition included work from graduating Diploma and Masters students, a Honda project by MA students, and a Renault exterior and interior project by the 4th, 5th and 7th semester students.

Projects by students graduating from the four year Diploma course included:

Super Kit Car
Andreas Zimolong

In recent years there has been increasing demand for individualized products and for aftermarket customization.  Usually the functional aspects, and the artistic or visual aspects are treated seperately. The idea of the Super Kit Car is that the currently accepted - largely visual - customization and ongoing alteration should be extended into the whole vehicle concept, affecting the basic vehicle architecture, allowing customization to extend to every level of the vehicle including changing functional layout. The traditional attibutes of a kit car such as self-assembly would be retained.

Audi Avantage
Florian Theis

This proposal takes the Audi A8 Avant in the direction of a coupe or grand tourer - "more like a sports car with the possibility to transport something than a normal station wagon with more power." The concept aims to combine two themes: sculpture and technology. To justify a large car in times of change in climate and shortage of resources, the concept employs lightweight construction, good aerodynamics and a hydrogen fuel cell engine.

Rythm - A concept in constant motion
Julian Ranft

This concept looks at 'rythm', with a recurring pattern of form and graphics, that suggests constant movement. This theme is found on all levels of the structure, from its 'nanoframe', to information systems and the overall form. The project explores how the idea of 'constant motion' can be expressed in a solidified form.

Light | Source
Dominik Goeltz

This is an interior concept for a long distance truck with the main focus on a lighting concept. Light often plays a minor role in commercial vehicles and is less integrated in the overall concept, but is important because the truck is workplace, office, living area and refuge for the driver. The interior uses a modular construction to facilitate left- and right-drive versions. The cabin can be easily reconfigured as an office space, sleeping area and wash space. The area behind the driver can be used as a mobile office by rotating the driver seat, while the '1+1 seats fold down to create a full-size bed.

The lighting concept uses several different modes, optimizing the cabin lighting for increased functionality, safety or enjoyment when driving, entering/leaving, relaxing, or working. Some modes are automatically selected based on the way the truck is being used, or mood lighting can be selected by the driver. The large glass areas can be darkened to reduce sunlight. The inspiration for the interior forms is the graphics of Art Nouveau, translated in a modern way, giving the surfaces tension to avoid being too flourished.                                     


By Brett Patterson