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Pforzheim University Winter Degree Show 2008

Wed, 26 Mar 2008

Moving Time - VW type 60K10_Aerocoupe
Woosung Chung 

"What if Dr. Ferdinand Porsche would have had 21st century technology in the 1930s?" This question could be the starting point to think of the future of Volkswagen. Based on this assumption, VW type 60K10 Aerocoupe (also known as the Porsche 64) was recreated looking through Dr. Porsche's eyes. This vehicle is a Berlin-Rome race car which has a plug-in hybrid drivetrain developed by Lohner-Porsche, which built the world`s first hybrid vehicle. The aerodynamic body shape recalls Volkswagen history, yet looks futuristic. Inside of the classic oval cockpit, dark and delicate interior elements represent future high-technologies.

Honda GE1
Tino Segui

The GE1 is a concept that aims to opens a new field in the automotive industry, combining automotive technology with medical research. This concept vehicle uses Honda DNA stem cells in a controlled environment to create solid organic fibers through tissular technologies. The platform for the vehicle is an interior bone chassis with structural cartilage which supports the exterior skin. The interior strength is combined with an exterior protective soft skin. The aim of the project is to reduce energy usage in the manufacturing process, as well as furthering the development of medical research and have human applications in the possible future.

Nissan Future of sports
Takeshi Nakajima

This is a new Nissan coupe, a luxury two-seater targeted towards new markets in countries which have had an enormous economic change in recent years, with greater wealth and most importantly an increase in the amount of vehicles on the road. Road conditions may be poor, with some areas having no roads at all. This opens a new market segment, where new vehicles must be able to handle all road conditions. In this two-seater vehicle, the platform and power unit have been moved upward and power comes from a lithium battery, powering seperate motors in each wheel unit. This engine is more effective, economical and ecological than a petrol engine. The theme of the design is inspired from a 'covered athlete', where the upper body represents the hard shell, like a helmet of a bicycle racer. The underbody represents the muscle of the sports athlete. This vehicle will drive in tough conditions like rocks and desert, so the body design must show durability and reliability.

Pocket Racer
Mark Neil Johnson

Aimed at the generation brought up on computer games such as Gran Turismo, the Pocket Racer is all about intense driving for the road and track. The theme is inspired by the current generation of race cars in Formula 1 and LeMans sports cars that feature avant-garde and graphic heavy detailing. The project was based around exploring and expressing this attitude and to reflect the raw character of the vehicle, while showing an alternate sports car aesthetic to that seen currently.

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