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Porsche 911 GT2 RS (2010) first official pictures

Wed, 12 May 2010

You’re looking at the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS, not just the most powerful 911 that Porsche has ever built, but the company's most powerful road car period. The output from the GT2 RS’s twin-turbo flat six? 611bhp – 88bhp more than before. And as the new GT2 RS – there will be no ‘regular’ GT2 version – weighs 70kg less than its predecessor, that wholesome 611bhp provides this rear-engined monster will a stunning 446bhp/tonne.

Oh yes, though the lack of four-wheel drive does limit its 0-62mph time – it can only manage a paltry 3.5 seconds, versus the 3.3sec that a Turbo S will knock out. However, time the GT2 RS from standstill to 124mph and it’ll get there in 9.8 seconds, a whole second quicker than the 523bhp Turbo S. And if you’re interested in your 0-186mph times, the GT2 RS records 28.9 seconds.

Of course, you’ll need to be pretty handy to set those times. The GT2 RS is rear-wheel drive only (shed a tear for the 325/30 ZR19s at the back) and is only available with a six-speed manual gearbox  - no easy-peasy PDK here – so you’ll need to time those shifts perfectly.

And if you’re good (seriously good) through the corners too, you might feel brave (or stupid) enough to try and match Porsche’s claimed Nurburgring lap time for the GT2 RS – a gobsmacking 7 minutes and 18 seconds.

Not so. While the Turbo has a new 3800cc flat six with direct injection, the GT2 RS sticks with the tried and tested 3.6 that can trace its routes back to Porsche’s 1998 GT1 racer. With variable geometry turbos, an increase in boost to 1.6bar, and a new intercooler, power increases from 523bhp to 611bhp at 6500rpm, and there’s 516lb ft from 2500-5500rpm. And if you’re desperate to know all the GT2 RS’s figures, it’ll do 23.7mpg and emit 284g/km too.

To help cut back the kilos, the GT2 RS’s front and rear spoilers are carbonfibre-reinforced, as is the bonnet and the air intakes ahead of the flared rear wheel arches. There’s a wider rear track than in regular 911s, and the GT2 RS also adopts the GT3 RS’s wider front track for the first time. The wheels themselves are GT3/GT3 RS-style centre locking items, and they hide standard ceramic brakes. Other weight saving measure includes aluminium doors, which keep the kerbweight down to 1370kg, while there’s also a thoroughly revised suspension set-up, plus adaptive dampers and active engine mounts.

Inside you’ll find carbon-reinforced plastic bucket seats and fabric door pulls, while the standard trim is red Alcantara.

Deliveries start in September 2010 and just 300 GT2 RS models will ever be produced, and if you want one then best ask your bank manager for £164,107. 

By Ben Pulman