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Porsche 911 GT2 RS – Official +video

Wed, 12 May 2010

Porsche has released details of the 911 GT2 RS

It’s just a week since we brought you leaked photos of the new Porsche GT2 RS. But a week is a long time in the modern world of car leaks, and we’d expected Porsche to divvy up the official gen on the GT2 RS sooner than this. But they’ve got there. And it was worth the wait.

The most powerful Porsche 911 ever produced. The best power to weight ration in its class. 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds. Just 500 are being built. All of which is enough to make even a non-Porsche lover sit up and take notice.

This new Porsche 911 GT2 RS manages to deliver 90hp more – now 620hp – than the previous GT2 yet manages an improvement in fuel consumption. It transpires to be 70kg lighter too, which explains some of the extreme performance from its 3.6 litre such as 0 – 62mph in 3.5 seconds, 0 – 124mph in just 9.8 seconds, and 0 – 186mph in 28.9 seconds.

One performance figure as a throw-away line in the press release is that the GT2 RS has run the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 18 seconds. Which does at least put to bed – for now – Nissan’s GT-R Nurburgring time. Just. For twice the money. Still, cracking time.

As well as the power and weight there are some obvious cosmetic additions to the GT2 RS such as “…carbon-fibre-reinforced (CFR) components in distinctive matt-black surface finish”. There are also new, wider GT2-style alloys, upgraded front spoiler and a higher rear spolier.

If you want all the current blurb – which is still lacking detail – then check out the Porsche 911 GT2 RS press release for more. If you want one then you’re probably already too late. The GT2 RS will officially debut in August at the Moscow Motor Show and each of the 500 being made will cost you £164,107.

More information closer to the Moscow show.

By Cars UK