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Porsche Cayenne Hybrid – proper details emerge

Fri, 20 Feb 2009

It’s a real sign of the times that Porsche is pushing ahead with Hybrid and diesels. Unthinkable just a few years ago, but the diesel Cayenne is already here, and now proper details are emerging on the Hybrid version.

As you would expect with Porsche, their Hybrid is not exactly going to be a slouch. It will utilise a supercharged V6 (the first supercharged engine in a Hybrid) which delivers 333bhp on its own, but is coupled to an electric motor (which also acts as starter and alternator) producing 38kw, the combined total delivering something close to 375bhp.

Cayenne Hybrid - 30+ mpg and 0-60 in 6.8 seconds

The astonishing thing is that this set-up delivers a power output equal to that of the Cayenne 4.8 V8, but offers the economy of a four-pot engine. Although no official tests have been done, Porsche engineers are averaging over 31mpg. And this from a car capable of 0-60 in around 6.8 seconds (but not both figures at the same time!).

Porsche engineers have managed to develop a parallel system for their hybrid unlike any other. It has a disengagement clutch, allowing the car to freewheel for long distances when cruising, whilst instantly restarting the engine and engaging drive as soon as the throttle is touched, without any discernible disturbance to the driving experience. The system is mechanically quite simple, but electronically very complex. According to Porsche it processes five times as much data to control the system as a typical Hybrid system, but the end result is a car with very low fuel consumption and emissions, but decent power and acceleration.

Porsche are aiming to have the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid in showrooms late next year, and the same powerplant is going to find its way in to the Porsche Panamera soon after. But it is unlikely to find its way in to the 911/ Boxster/Cayman as there is nowhere to place the battery packs.

Very interesting, and not at all stupid!

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