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Porsche Panamera – 25,000 built already

Thu, 29 Jul 2010

Porsche has built 25,000 Panamers in the first year of production

Big, exotic cars tend not to sell in big numbers. Annual production in the low thousands is usually as much as you’re likely to see from a supercar and once you get to hypercar levels you can be talking single digit annual production. They’re the rules. But nobody told Porsche the rules.

Whatever you may think about Porsche’s foray in to saloon car production with the 4 door coupe Porsche Panamera, you have to accept it is an astonishing car. It comes in four guises – V6 Petrol, V6 Diesel, V8 Petrol and V8 Turbo and will soon be joined by the fifth variation – the Porsche Panamera Hybrid.

And when you get to the top of the tree Panamera – the Panamera Turbo – you are in real supercar territory with a 4 second 0-60mph. Yes, it looks a bit ungainly, but much less in the flesh than in some pictures.

We know TG denigrate it in the way they have always denigrated the Cayenne for its looks only a Mother could love, but even though it’s not drop dead gorgeous it is probably the most impressive of the four door coupes on the market – at any price.

What is most astonishing though is that Porsche has already made 25,000 Panameras in less than a year of production. That’s 500 a week. 100 every working day. Numbers you just wouldn’t believe possible. But if you get the chance, go look at one.¬†Coincidentally¬†I did today. A black Panamera 4S with cream leather. It looked really good – and went exceptionally well.

But then I use a Porsche Cayenne as a daily drive.

By Cars UK