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Porsche Panamera – Best selling Porsche in the U.S.

Tue, 11 May 2010

The Porsche Panamera - best-selling Porsche in the US

The Porsche Panamera elicited pretty much the same response from the Porsche aficionados when it was revealed as the Cayenne did seven years ago – raise arms in horror; shriek about wrecking the brand and proclaim the end of Porsche as the latest sacrilege will bring the company to its knees. Wrong. Again.

In fact not only was the proclamation wrong, but it’s starting to look as if the Panamera may well turn in to the same sort of cash-cow as the Cayenne. Because it’s just become the best-selling Porsche in the USA, outselling every other model in the range.

The best-selling Porsche in the US – and anywhere else for that matter – is the Cayenne. That big, ugly SUV that’ll be the end of Porsche. But the Cayenne is currently undergoing its Dr Who moment and is busy morphing in to the new 2011 Cayenne. So you’d expect sales to drop. Which they have.

So you would reasonably expect that it would be the Cayman or the Boxster or the venerable 911 that took the best-selling Porsche title under these circumstances. But it isn’t. It’s the big, fat, bloaty, ‘It’s not a real Porsche’, Porsche – the Porsche Panamera. It sold 678 in April. Twice as many as the 911.You may not like it, but it guarantees the 911′s future. And both the Cayenne and the Panamera are great cars.

Probably worth another look at the Porsche ‘Family’ video we ran last year. It shows the Panamera as a real part of the Porsche family. Just bigger. And now more successful.

Who’d have thought it?

By Cars UK