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Porsche Panamera Convertible coming

Fri, 09 Oct 2009

Porsche are planning a 2 door Panamera Convertible

That new Porsche 928 now looks an even more likely possibility after Automotive News reported that Porsche are looking to make a convertible Panamera. But it won’t be a four door convertible, but a two door. The report says that is to help with rigidity (we buy that) and to keep weight down (yeah, just like they have on the saloon), but what it does mean is that Porsche could easily engineer a fixed-roof, shortened Panamera to create a high-end GT in the style of the 928. Now that does appeal.

But it also seems likely that the Panamera platform will be used across the VW family now VW are pulling the strings. That could mean the Panamera platform being the basis for the next generation Bentley Continental, and it could also make the Lamborghini Estoque more viable, although we think that project is still alive and kicking.

I’m sure Porsche aficionados will get their knickers in a twist over this news. But it makes sound commercial sense to introduce more Panamera variants and get more mileage out of the Panamera platform. That’s what being part of a diverse group means.

And anyway, Panamera bodies are already built by VW, not Porsche

By Cars UK