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Porsche Panamera – a real Porsche +video

Sat, 17 Oct 2009

Porsche have produced a promo video for the Panamera to show it's a real part of the Porsche family

But I was won over with the Cayenne when I first got to drive one. So much so I bought one – and I’ve kept it for four years. I’ve driven most Porsches over the years and admired them hugely. They’re difficult to fall in love with, but when you have a car that delivers all it promises, is beautifully built and never lets you down, it’s hard not to see the sense in owning one. Especially a car like the Cayenne.

The Cayenne is not the prettiest car; it’s not the most able off-road car; it’s not even the greatest on-road SUV. But it is extremely close to being all three. And that’s its appeal. Only the best that Land Rover makes can better it off road. The BMW X6 is just about better on road. And beauty is entirely subjective, so I’ll leave that to you. But wrap up those abilities and the Cayenne’s the no brainer choice if you have to run one car that can turn its abilities to doing anything you ask extremely well.

Having gone through all this mock horror with the Cayenne, you’d think the Porsche lovers would have understood what Porsche are doing (making money) and welcomed the Panamera as a way to generate profits to put back in to sports cars – a better 911; a new Carrerra GT. But no, they’re all up in arms again (and 99% of them probably don’t even buy Porsche) and bandying around words lack sacrilege; heritage; betrayal.

So Porsche are fighting back with a promo video for the Panamera, seeking to illustrate that the Panamera is a Porsche. A real Porsche. And worthy of the name.

By Cars UK