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Porsche Panamera reveals technology firsts

Wed, 18 Mar 2009

Porsche Panamera - Lots of technology firsts


We thought the release last week of the UK Car pricing for the new Porsche Panamera was pretty much the end of the drip, drip of info on the Panamera, at least until Porsche gets round to launching the Diesel and V6 models. But we were wrong!

Porsche has today revealed information on a number of technology firsts on the Panamera. From an economy/emissions point of view the most interesting is the stop/start function, a first on a car at this level. It works with the Panamera’s PDK box and, in conjunction with low rolling resistance tyres and some tweaks to the brakes, results in a combined cycle economy of 26.2mpg in the V8 S model. Which is frankly pretty impressive.

On the handling front, the adaptive air suspension is capable of providing extra volume whenever required, which Porsche claims is “an absolute innovation in automotive technology”. Which it may well be, but the claim is that this sophisticated suspension setup, in conjunction with PTM and PDCC, allows the Panamera to be all things at all times. From an out and out Limousine to a hunkered-down GT. Some trick, which if the Panamera really can pull it off will make it very appealing indeed.

Lots of innovative stuff on the aerodynamics, including a complete underbody cover to improve airflow, dynamics and economy, and a trick rear spoiler that moves to suit the driving style. They’ve also played with the acoustics to make the cabin very quite, but with a decent V8 roar when you want to play. They don’t seem to have gone for the ‘Piped in to the Cabin’ sounds that Jaguar employ on the XK, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Some impressive stuff, and the Panamera is stacking up to be a fine car. Hopefully we’ll get our hands on one soon and can give you more idea how all these bits play out in the real world.

Not sure about the shape though. Still, you don’t see it looking out. Bit like the Cayenne.

By Cars UK