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Puzzling Parking Signs 'Confuse' Motorists

Fri, 27 Jun 2014

A NEW survey has revealed that parking signs confuse motorists, to the point that it can lead to drivers being penalised for their unintended transgressions.

The poll, conducted by car insurance company Churchill, found that of those fined, clamped or who had their vehicle towed away in the last two years, 22% said they were unable to understand the parking restrictions in that area.

Also, 41% of the 2,001 people polled said parking signs in their area were confusing, while 33% avoided parking in their local town or city centre for this very reason

In addition, the puzzling signs led to 9% avoiding parking around their own residential area.

Avoiding town centres due to sign confusion was found to be the most rife in London where 48% of motorists admitted not attempting to park in the heart of the UK capital.

The north west of England (35% avoiding town centres) was the next most-shunned area, followed by the east of England (34%) and south east England (32%).

Wales (26%) and north east England (28%) were the areas where motorists were most happy to attempt to park in town centres.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Churchill Car Insurance head Steve Barrett said: "It's the driver's responsibility to check which parking restrictions are in operation in a particular area.

"However, when there are multiple restrictions in operation on a single street, it can result in motorists being confused and unintentionally parking illegally, incurring fines that could have been avoided."

By Press Association reporters