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Radical SR8LM Nurburgring Record – The Video

Mon, 28 Dec 2009

Video of the Radical SR8LM Nurburgring Record Below

Back in August we reported that the Radical SR8LM had taken the Nurburgring record for a production car, just a week after Gumpert had claimed the record for themselves. Not that it was the first time Radical had held the record. They achieved a time of 6:55 in 2005 with the Radical SR8, but this time was 7 seconds faster that that at 6:48.

What was even more impressive was that the Radical RS8LM was driven to the Nurburgring from the UK. None of this pony trailering malarkey, the boys from Radical simply booked the Tunnel ticket and drove to Germany.

The weather was pretty much perfect, with little wind, clear skies and temperatures in the high 20s. The SR8LM ran on slicks – which does bring in to question the ‘Road Legal’ claim from Radical – and with its 455bhp Suzuki lump and next to nothing weight it tamed the ‘Ring in the hands of Michael Vergers in a way that almost no other car has.

When we reported the record back in August we only had a still photo of the car to show. But video has now surfaced of the run, so we thought you Nurburgring and Radical lovers out there may enjoy the watch.

By Cars UK