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Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition revealed

Wed, 09 Feb 2011

The 2011 Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate

Yes, it’s another ‘Limited Edition’ to help move some metal. But this one is in a slightly different league to most of the ‘More for Less’ variants we’ve had crop up recently.

This is very much a case of ‘More for More‘, as Land Rover reveals the Range Rover with options overload – the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition.

And ‘Ultimate’ is a good moniker to attach to a Range Rover likely to cost the thick end of £125k, at least £30k more than the regular – and now seemingly ill-equipped – Range Rover Autobiography. A car, incidentally, we love. And you can have this Limited Edition with either the new, very good, 4.4 diesel or the 5.0 litre Supercaharged.

So what delights has Land Rover bestowed on the Range Rover Autobiography to turn it in to the Ultimate? Well, the back seats get ripped out to provide a couple of ‘Plutocrat in Transit’ individual seats, and there’s an iPad built in to the back of the front seats for said plutocrats to surf, email and DVD to their heart’s content.

And in case playing with their iPads isn’t enough to keep them amused, they also get a nice machined aluminium laptop table and a drinks chiller cabinet to play with.

The already sumptuous interior of the Range Rover – already one of the best there is – gets treated to an overload of quality, with semi-aniline leather on the seats and Oxford leather just about everywhere else. And for the first time you can have Kalahari wood veneers (no, we don’t know either) in dark cherry or Arabica.

It’s not just the cabin that gets a posher than posh workover; the boot gets a makeover too. Out go the old carpets and in comes teak decking and chrome handles. Looks great, but might be a pain when stuff starts crashing around on the move.

The Ultimate Range Rover will be distinguished by its paint job – either Roussillon Red or Otago Stone (although you will be able to get black in some markets) – and its body-coloured handles, Atlas grille and vents. The Ultimate Edition also gets 20″ multi-spoke, diamond-turned alloys.

Land Rover are only making 500 Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition, and it might seem barking mad to expect anyone to shell out £125k for a Rangie. But as we said when we recently reviewed the 2011 Range Rover 4.4, the only competition Range Rover really has is from cars like the Rolls Royce Ghost and the Bentley Mulsanne.

Which would cost at least £100k more if similarly specced.

By Cars UK