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Range Rover Evoque Prototype Video

Tue, 20 Jul 2010

The Range Rover Evoque Prototypes - off to conquer the world

Last week were were a little hasty and a little harsh. We got sent a set of photos of the Range Rover Evoque all dressed up in camouflage and ready to go out testing round the world.

We ran a story questioning why on earth Land Rover would send out disguised Evoques when we’d already seen a production-ready Evoque – without disguise – at the party to celebrate 40 years of Range Rover. It seemed daft.

But we’d dropped a bit of a clanger when the info attached to the photos got separated somewhere in our system, so we didn’t realize that these prototype Evoques were designed with a camouflage pattern which is s a GPS mapping trail of the ten cities each Evoque can be found driving round to promote the new Land Rover baby.

Mind you, we still think it’s a bit daft to run cars around in any sort of disguise once they’ve been revealed. But at least Land Rover has a justification  for doing so, and they’re so chuffed with their marketing ploy they’ve even put together a video showing the ten Evoques prowling round the track before leaving Land Rover to roam the cities of the world.

For some reason Land Rover didn’t spend a bit more and stick a soundtrack on the video, so it’s not exactly dynamic. But it does show the Evoque on the move, even though that’s something we showed you before on a Land Rover video for the LRX – also without a soundtrack.

But there is a way to fix the VT. Just hum the Dambusters theme song in your head when you watch the video, or even better get it playing online as you watch (just Google ‘Dambusters Theme’ and get it running from YouTube in another tab or window). Then imagine the voiceover in a Pathe News tone:

“The Range Rover Evoques are going out there to show Johnny Foreigner a thing or two and put the world to rights, blowing away those old-fashioned, polluting and inefficient SUVs in the process. Good job Evoques. Come back safe!”

Worked for us.

By Cars UK