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Range Rover Evoque Red Shoe Shuffle

Fri, 02 Dec 2011

Range Rover Evoque by Marangoni

Now the Range Rover Evoque is out in the wild it’s starting to get attention from the tuners. Like this Evoque from tyre maker Marangoni at the Bologna Motor Show.

The Range Rover Evoque is something of a style icon at the moment in the car world, so it’s no surprise that tuners are starting to see if they can tweak Land Rover’s new baby to make it more appealing to a market looking for even more individuality than the Evoque already offers.

Italian tyre maker Marangoni has turned up at the Bologna Motor Show with an Evoque it’s had more than a small play with, from custom body and paint, tuned and multi-fuel mods and a set of bright red tyres.

It’s the tyres that catch your eye first – no doubt that’s the point – and Marangoni say the M-Power EvoRed tyres are made from a special silica compound that cuts rolling resistance and improves fuel consumption.

But as Marangoni has done far more to their custom Evoque then stick a set of red boots on – with new fuel tanks and the capacity to run on petrol, natural gas and hydrogen – it means less of a number of different fuels that can be used to power their Evoque Si4. Which also means that the Marangoni can deliver up to 300bhp, although we don’t get any performance figures. Fortunately, they’ve covered the extra performance with a new set of Tarox brakes.

On the cosmetic front the Marangoni Evoque gets a special paint job - Titanium Fluid Metal – and the roof, door handles and new grill get finished in gloss black. There’s a new set of bumpers and a carbon fibre aero kit that adds side skirts, wheel arch extensions and a rear diffuser.

The already impressive interior of the Evoque has also had a bit of a makeover by Marangoni with materials like Alcantara, leather and carbon abounding, and a new diamond stitching patter on the seats and door panels.

How much and how quick the Range Rover Evoque by Marangoni is, we have no idea – or even if it’s for sale.

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