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Range Rover Evoque: Project Khan Cosworth planned

Wed, 08 Dec 2010

The Range Rover Evoque by Project Khan with Cosworth Power

Azfal Kahn and crew do enjoy tweaking and pimping the products of Land Rover to suit the Tango-skinned inhabitants of Cheshire and Surrey. It started with the Range Rover Sport (the latest version being the Khan RS300) but now extends throughout the entire Land Rover range from the Range Rover to the Freelander 2 (the latest Khan Freelander 2 being the RS200).

There is one model in the Land Rover range which hasn’t yet been the subject of Khan’s attention – the Range Rover Evoque. It would seem reasonable that Khan would get to work on a titivated Evoque as soon as Land Rover release the Evoque in to the wild next summer as there’s bound to be a market for an Evoque with blingy alloys and a body kit  Not to mention quilted leather and a power tweak.

But Khan don’t intend waiting until the Evoque hits the road before they start playing. Oh, no. They’ve already decided the way forward is the usual big alloys, a power tweak and bespoke trim and have announced the ‘Kahn Range Rover Evogue powered by Cosworth’ (sic).

Now whether that’s going to be a Cosworth tweak to the 2.2 diesel to stick it up above the 190 PS on offer, or whether (more likely) Khan intend the Cosworth tweaks to be on the EcoBoost lump to shove power up near 300bhp, we don’t yet know. In fact, we don’t yet know if Khan yet know.

Certainly sounds interesting, and if it’s not too OTT it could even be quite appealing. But why use the more practical five door Evoque rather than the more stylish three-door for the Project Khan Evoque?

By Cars UK