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Range Rover Evoque: The 5 Door

Fri, 24 Sep 2010

Range Rover Evoque 5 Door

As it would have been very difficult to miss, Land Rover dropped a huge amount of bumph on us the other day about the Range Rover Evoque. Mind you, even though we got a huge press release which ran to more pages than we cared to count, and a pile of new photos including interiors for the first time, there’s still a chunk of detail missing.

We don’t for example have performance figures, much beyond a 7.1 second 0-60 mph for the 238bhp EcoBoost Evoque. We don’t have proper economy figures beyond the headline stuff like 58mpg for the eco, 2WD version – the Evoque eD4. We don’t have prices, apart from a likely starting point of £30k

But none of that’s particularly surprising. There’s no need to give out exact figures for economy, performance and emissions until the Evoque has finished being thrashed around the world to finish product shakedown, if for no other reason than stuff could change by the time the production model is ready. And who would want to fix prices for a range of cars not due for nearly a year?

But what we haven’t had – and we’ve searched through all the photos and videos Land Rover has sent us – are any photos of the 5 door Evoque. Which is a bit odd. Admittedly, the 5 door version of any car can often be less appealing to look at than the 3 door. But 5 doors sell. Apart from to idiots like me who buy a car based on how it looks rather than on practicalities.

So as this shot of a 5 door Evoque came across our desks we thought we’d show you what it looks like ahead of next week in Paris, when we assume Land Rover will oblige officially.

I’d still buy the 3 door.

By Cars UK