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Range Rover Sport by Kahn: The Red Ranger

Fri, 06 Apr 2012

Kahn Range Rover Sport Red Ranger

Bradford’s Kahn design has built the Red Ranger, a Range Rover Sport with lots of titivation; perhaps the last Range Rover Sport from Kahn.

Land Rover are busy bringing their current range of cars to a close with limited editions of the old models hitting showrooms. One of those is the Range Rover Sport ‘Red’, and not to be outdone Kahn Design has rolled out their own ‘Red’ Range Rover Sport in the form of the Red Ranger.

The Kahn Red Ranger gets the typical Kahn makeover which includes a wider track, extended front and rear spoilers, LED strips on the front wheel arch, vents in the front and rear arches with air dams, RS front grill with carbon insert, red brake calipers and vented pedals in machined aluminium.

Inside there’s RS Vesuvius diamond quilted claret leather with carbon trim and the speedo and rev counter are in red and cream, the clock bezel gets blinged up with Swarovski diamonds, the Kahn sill plates are stainless steel and illuminated and the centre glove box gets quilted leather.

The RS600 wheels on the Red Ranger are a set of 22″ Kahn specials (9.5×22 at the front, 11,22 at the back) and are finished in whatever colour floats your boat.

But this is a Kahn Design Range Rover Sport, so even if this spec and colour scheme doesn’t float your boat you can have just about anything you want (size of your wallet permitting). But you’d better hurry, because now Land Rover has launched its own run-out ‘Red’ Range Rover we’ll be seeing the all new Range Rover Sport in the next twelve months.

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