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Renault Alpine A110-50 to be developed with Caterham

Tue, 02 Oct 2012

It seems the impressive Renault Alpine A110-50 is heading for production with Caterham, not Lotus, as development partner.

Which is part of the reason Renault want a partner on-board to help with development and production of the Renault Alpine A110-50 – a new Alpine based on a Megane platform with a DeZir body – and turn it, hopefully, from a track concept to the first Alpine for the road in twenty years.

It had been mooted that Renault were eyeing up Lotus to partner on the Alpine A110-50, but according to a report from Autocar they are instead working with Caterham to bring the A110-50 to life.

There’s certainly and existing tie-in between Renault and Caterham with the former supplying F1 engines for the latter, and there’s logic to the claim that the two are bedfellows in the Alpine project.

Plans are apparently well advanced and expected to be revealed in the next month. If there is going to be a new Alpine road car the UK is probably a strong potential market, but as far as we can work out it couldn’t be called the Alpine in the UK as the Alpine moniker is actually owned by Peugeot Citron.

So, if we get the Alpine A110-50, what will Renault call it?

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