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Renault Alpine A110-50 video tease

Thu, 24 May 2012

Alpine A110-50 tease video

Ahead of a reveal tomorrow in Monaco, Renault has released a teaser video of the Alpine A110-50.

The other day we reported what appeared – at least on the face of it – to be a leaked photo of the new Alpine A110-50, the first new Alpine from Renault in many a year. And we weren’t convinced.

We were convinced that Renault had finally decided to resurrect the Alpine moniker after years of threatening to, but we weren’t convinced the leaked photo was real. It looked like an average Photoshop based on the Renault DeZir EV concept from a couple of years ago.

Which it may very well be, but the video tease from Renault for the Alpine A110-50 would suggest the photo was real after all. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a Photoshop based on the DeZir, it just means it was Renault’s Photoshop. Oh, well.

So, the new Alpine A110-50 – celebrating the 50th anniversary of the  Alpine Berlinette – is based on a two year old Renault concept, is blue and has orange highlights. Oh, it is also said to have a Megane Trophy underpinnings and a mid-mounted 3.5 litre V6 with around 400bhp.

More from Monaco tomorrow.

By Cars UK