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Renault Captur concept

Thu, 10 Feb 2011

With Renault's current design strategy being based around life and human emotion, the second installment of the program is the Captur concept.

Following on from the DeZir, which played to the feeling of ‘falling in love', the Captur is intended to represent the feeling of exploration. As a result, the Captur is a coupe/off-roader fusion that has clear links with the DeZir concept from which the Captur borrows its DRG; the new face of Renault. The raised ride height and visible underbody protection inject a dose of muscularity into the Captur, as do the matt effect wings, which are juxtaposed against the vibrant orange metallic paint. The wrap-around DLO, removable roof panels and scissor doors all add an element of fun and sporting intent to the car, as do the 22-inch wheels and diffuser rear bumper detail.

The orange theme of the exterior has been carried through to the inside of the Captur. The front seats are attached to the center console, and no unnecessary equipment has been added to the Captur, with the focus being on simplicity. The IP is lit with orange fibers to continue the exteriors color palette further.

The rear of the car is a multi-purpose area, with the deck lined with three layers of rope. The stretched cords are laid out to allow items to be secured, providing a reconfigurable storage area. It is also possible to pull additional seatbacks from the side of the car to provide two full-sized rear seats, complete with seat belts and head restraints.