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Rolls Royce Ghost launched +Video

Sun, 06 Sep 2009

Rolls Royce has finally released the Ghost

Do we get more information than we already knew? Well, perhaps more detail is the best way to view it, rather than any great revelations. Rolls Royce – even though they weren’t happy at the Ghost being referred to as the ‘Baby’ Rolls Royce – define the RR Ghost as ‘A smaller and more affordable’ Rolls Royce. It may be somewhat more affordable – and the stats may say it’s smaller – but I have to tell you, side-by-side, you’d be hard pushed to call the Ghost a smaller car. I stood next to the two together a few weeks ago and there’s not much in it.

At the core of the Ghost is the latest BMW 7 Series platform. Which makes the Ghost a cheaper build than the Phantom. But because the Ghost uses the steel monocoque from its BMW sibling it means that the interior of the Ghost is practically as roomy as the Phantom, which uses a bulkier aluminium frame.

In terms of power the Ghost has the edge. It sports a 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 which produces 563bhp and a not insignificant 575lb/ft of torque. This powerful setup delivers 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds and, with the Ghost’s sophisticated suspension, delivers that in a much more sporty manner than any Rolls Royce before. And it does that through an 8-Speed ‘box. Which sounds good, I just hope it doesn’t hunt up and down with so many cogs to choose from.

And you can bet your boots that next up will be the Rolls Royce Ghost DHC, and not far behind will be the Ghost Coupe. And why not? It worked for the Phantom, and Rolls Royce want to see the Ghost at least doubling their current sales volume, so it’s a given.

We already know the price of the Rolls Royce Ghost – and it’s performance – but that hasn’t stopped Rolls Royce issuing a pretty hefty press release to mark the launch. Nor has it stopped them issuing a new set of official photos and a heap of videos (which we’ve put together as one).

The official physical reveal for the Ghost will be on 15th September at Frankfurt, and the Ghost will go on sale next year at a starting price of £190,000. If you want every detail check out the Rolls Royce Ghost Press Release.

By Cars UK