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SEAT Altea XL (2009) – the advert

Fri, 25 Sep 2009

The new advert for the SEAT Altea XL - featuring the 'Brother Monster'

The Altea XL certainly offers more room – particularly more storage room – than the original Altea. They missed a trick by not making the back seats slide back more (they do slide forward to give a pretty big load space), but they did manage to address the storage issues.

The 2009 SEAT Altea XL

And 2009 saw a facelift for the Altea – as well as the Leon on which it’s based – and SEAT have been running out adverts to promote it. They did one a little while ago featuring a 30-something couple getting their kit of by their Altea and running in to the sea. And now they’ve gone the ‘Honey-Monster’ route in the new ad – only they call their monster ‘Brother’.

It’s a bit daft – and designed to illustrate that the Altea XL will cope with a growing family – but it’s mildly amusing.

By Cars UK