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SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE does 100mpg

Mon, 04 May 2009

Gerhard Plattner achieved almost 100mpg in a SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE

But when press release came in from SEAT this afternoon telling us that a SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE has just achieved a run, on real roads from Barcelona to Germany, of 1,562km and used just 45.53 litres of fuel, we had to get our calculators out (we’re so old now we can only see the reality of the achievement in mpg!). By our reckoning the Ibiza managed just a shade under 100mpg. Astonishing.

The run started from the SEAT plant in Martorell, and was monitored under the auspices of the IPMC, with a sealed fuel tank and filler, so no room for cheating. The plan was to drive from northern Spain, through Perpignan, Avignon, Lyon, Mulhouse, Freiburg, Frankfurt and finally to Göttingen to set a new economy record.

Driven by Austrian long-haul specialist driver Gerhard Plattner, the Ibiza ECOMOTIVE wasn’t driven at a constant 42mph behind a huge lorry to keep the air clean. It is claimed that the Ibiza even used the péage at speeds of up to 70mph on parts of the journey, which at least makes the record far more relevant to real world comparisons. They didn’t even have decent weather – it rained heavily for most of the time.

True to say you’re not likely to get very close to 100mpg in the real world in your SEAT Ibiza ECOMOTIVE. But it’s obviously a pretty frugal car.

By Cars UK