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SEAT Ibiza Good Stuff – Shakira’s SEAT

Tue, 29 Jun 2010

The SEAT Ibiza Good Stuff

Limited Edition models are always a seller. It’s a good way for car makers to shift metal and as long as the buyer wants the goodies bolted on its a cheaper way to get a specced-up car. But sometimes car makers produce a car for a different reason. And so it is with the SEAT Ibiza Good Stuff.

The SEAT Ibiza Good Stuff is named after Shakira’s European Tour, for it is SEAT who are sponsoring said tour. So what, you may think. Do I care about a car maker trying to hang on the coat tails of an in-vogue pop-poppet?

You probably wouldn’t under normal circumstances, but Shakira is not your average brainless bimbo out for self-aggrandisement. She is in fact a rather talented and exceptional woman whose commitment to helping the needy and underpriviliged is inspirational.

Shakira’s Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) Foundation funds schools around her native Colombia. She prised $40 million from the Spanish Government as aid for natural disasters. She managed to get $200 million from Carlos Slim for her ALAS Foundation. She has spoken at the Oxford Union about her passion for educating and helping children in need.

She’s smart, caring and bright. She is also as cute as hell and can carry a tune. No wonder SEAT rolled over in an instant and stumped up cash to sponsor her tour and  release the SEAT Ibiza Good Stuff.

Based on the Ibiza 1.4 SE, the Good Stuff gets TomTom SatNav, black iPod with cradle and charger,  Bluetooth, Climate and a set of 16″ Sonda alloys. Oh, and in keeping with its ‘Celeb’ theme it also gets privacy glass.

You can grab a three door for £12,300 and a five door for £12,710. And get a bit of Shakira fairy dust in to the bargain.

By Cars UK