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SUVs – Huge in India

Tue, 13 Oct 2009

The West’s perception of a 4×4 in India – the truth is quite different (click for full image)

Car buyers in the West flooded in to SUVs / 4x4s of one sort or another over the last decade. But the current economic woes have brought the SUV bandwagon to an abrupt halt as buyers desert the SUV in droves in favour of something smaller and more economical.

Indians can actually buy everything from the most popular Ford Endeavour through to a full blown Cayenne or Range Rover. And prices are pretty steep by Indian standards – up to 60 Lakh (around £75k). Which with a per capita income of around £750pa it would take the average Indian 100 years to buy himself a Range Rover. So why does India love the SUV? Well, it’s probably best to ask an Indian. Carazoo – a leading Indian car site – says:

Well, the first and the foremost reason is that SUVs are made for Indian roads. SUVs have amazing off-roading capacity. Let us explain to give you a clear picture. Indian roads have poor stretches and this is disconcerting and uncomfortable in a car. SUVs have a high ground clearance and as a result centre of gravity and mass move up as well giving the passenger a comfortable ride. SUVs are also more open to abuse. Air pressure on average is checked less often. Moreover, SUVs are tough and can carry plenty of loads. In fact, an SUV can be termed as a private taxi as it can ferry all your family and friends as well as pets and there is still room for luggage. So, an SUV is extremely spacious and can make long drives with family and friends comfortable and convenient without any compromise. In India, it has become a prestigious issue to own an SUV. The vehicle also imparts a huge road presence and is the king of all cars. The SUV craze will continue for time in India till it is replaced by an automobile better than an SUV. The SUVs have to stand against the test of time to prove their might for their presence. Even if SUVs are being replaced, we’ll always herald, “Long Live the SUV”.

So with wealth growing rapidly in India – and a population equal to that of Europe and the US combined – makers of big 4x4s can look forward to a time in the not too distant future where India takes more of their product than anywhere else. Long live the 4×4.

By Cars UK