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Saab Museum reopens & Saab back in production – sort of

Mon, 26 Mar 2012

Saabs are being built and the Saab Museum re-opens.

The Saab Museum has reopened after Saab’s bankruptcy problems and a Trollhatten dealer is to ‘build’ the last 100 Saabs.

We’re still waiting for a decision from Saab’s administrators about which – if any – of the bids they’ve received for what’s left of Saab are solid enough to pursue. But that hiatus doesn’t mean there’s no Saab news.

Back in September last year bailiffs slapped seizure notices on the historic Saabs in the museum as the Saab Saga unravelled but, even though the entire Saab Museum collection was put up for sale in January, the museum was saved by a consortium of Trollhatten City, Saab AB and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund.

And now the Saab museum has re-opened in Trollhatten over the weekend, welcoming Saab nuts from around the world to just about all that’s left of Saab – for now, anyway.

But it looks like Trollhatten is keen to keep alive whatever vestiges of Saab they can with the news that ANA, the Saab dealers in Trollhatten, have bought up the part-made cars left on the Saab production line when the factory finally closed – and a large number of production materials and parts – and are going to complete them and sell them on.

It seems ANA have done this once already with the last 9-3 Convertibles, and they’re more than just your average dealer outfit with their own facilities to build cars for the Swedish police and other specialist cars. So it looks like the Saabs coming out of ANA should be properly put together.

In the whole scheme of the Saab Saga the news that a handful of Saabs are going to be built – and the Saab Museum re-open – is not huge news, but let’s hope, for Trollhatten’s sake, that this is the first swallow of a Saab summer.

Source: Saabs United

By Cars UK