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Save £800 a year on fuel

Tue, 06 May 2014

DRIVERS in the UK could save more than £800 per year on their fuel bills by following some simple tips. A survey by Ford shows that many drivers don’t carry out simple checks that waste fuel.

In the survey, it was found that 76% of drivers in the UK do not check their car’s tyre pressures regularly, which has a major impact on fuel consumption as underinflated tyres cause excess strain on the engine. It was also revealed that 38% of car owners who fit a roof box don’t bother to remove it when not in use, which adds to fuel waste.

Other major factors in spending too much on fuel were found to be drivers who do not shop around for the lowest price for fuel (18%) and drivers who leave unnecessary items in the car (17%) that adds weight and affects fuel economy.

The survey says by taking these four simple steps into account, car drivers could lower their car’s fuel consumption by as much as 33%. This adds up to a saving of £820 per year for the average driver in the UK.

However, it was also found UK drivers are not the worst for checking tyre pressures, with only 18% of French drivers carrying out a monthly inspection. Spanish drivers are the most likely to use air conditioning all the time, even when it’s not needed, and German drivers are the most prone to speeding. Drivers in Italy are the ones who leave unwanted and heavy items in their cars more than any other nation’s motorists.

By Press Association reporters