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Schumacher & Rosberg: A pregnant pause

Tue, 12 Apr 2011

Michael & Nico compete to help a pregnant damsel in distress.

Those crazy Germans, they do like to josh with us.

Since Mercedes now has an all German team we wonder if they’re trying a bit too hard to prove there’s a human face to the team, and it’s not all just Teutonic and robotic (and not, as yet, stunningly successful).

Actually, let’s backtrack a bit. The headlines were all about the all-German Mercedes against the all-English McLaren last year. And with the same team setup this year the same logic applies. But how true is it?

Actually, not true at all as far as we can see. Yes, Michael Schumacher is German (even if, like most F1 drivers, he chooses to live somewhere a little more tax efficient) and it’s claimed Rosberg is too. But how so?

Isn’t Nico Rosberg the son of Keke Rosberg? And wasn’t Keke Rosberg – that’s former F1 world champion Keke Rosberg, in case there’s any doubt – Finnish? And didn’t he live in Monaco? So how is Nico German?

As for team principle Ross Brawn, as far as we can remember he’s English through and through. English when he was team principle at Ferrari and still English as team principle at Mercedes.

Still, Michael’s German and so is Mercedes.

Back to the video.

To make the rivalry between the old champion and the young pretender seem more human than it probably is, Mercedes are busy PR-ing the contest. This video shows a young English couple (wife about to give birth) stranded at the side of the road in a broken-down car (not a Mercedes, you won’t be surprised to learn).

Cue the arrival of a brace of Mercedes F1 drivers, first up Nico in a CLS63 closely followed by Michael in an E63. Hilarity ensues as the couple – despite their predicament – try to decide who would get them to hospital the quickest.

Those crazy Germans. Got to love ‘em.

By Cars UK