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Shelby Supercars SSC TuaTara Interior photos & video

Sat, 12 Nov 2011

SSC Tuatara Interior photos and video

It was back in July that Shelby Supercars revealed that their new supercar wasn’t going to be the Ultimate Aero II, but would get a new moniker – the SSC Tuatara.

At the time, Shelby only issued a few photos (well, renderings) of the exterior of the Tuatara, but it looked impressive enough. And even when Jerod Shelby took a real Tuatara to Shanghai a month later to show his new creation to the world’s biggest car market, the doors stayed firmly shut.

But the boys at Shelby have obviously been busy bunnies over the last few months, so now we get a set of interior photos of the SSC Tuatara and video too.

Shelby say their designers have worked to make the interior a cohesive continuation of the exterior so, unsurprisingly, the interior is just about as dramatic as the exterior.

Everywhere you look there are perforations, and the instruments consist of a glass screen where information such as speed and revs are projected – a bit like a dashboard heads-up display. The passenger even gets a read-out of what’s going on, so they can work out why they feel twice as heavy as normal when the Tuatara is pulling several Gs.

There’s a bunch of big buttons for the important stuff like traction control and there’s a big screen in the middle to take care of infotainment and other data.

Shelby say that the side air vents are meant to evoke the 4 rocket exhaust design of the Space Shuttle and the central air vents by the Tuatara’s own twin central exhausts.

The whole interior is a notch or three down from the Veyron, but then the SSC Tuatara is about the ultimate iteration of American Muscle Car performance rather than an exercise in corporate bragging rights like the Veyron. And, unlike VW with Bugatti, Shelby has to make their car make money.

But really, however interesting Shelby make the interior of the Tuatara, it’s the twin-turbo 6.8 litre V8 with 1350bhp and, Shelby expects, top speed of 275mph and a 0-60mph that will crush the Veyron Super Sport, that matters.

And if Shelby achieves that level of performance then the interior could be a couple of bales of straw, and no one would care.

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