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Smart ForTwo Edition Urbanstyle arrives

Thu, 04 Mar 2010

The Smart Fortwo Edition Urbanstyle - the cabriolet shown is a 'Special Order'.

We can’t be 100% certain, but we think it’s highly likely that there is no such thing as a ‘Regular’ Smart. Whenever we come across a Smart car it’s always a ‘Special Edition’ or a ‘Limited Edition’ or an ‘Edition’ of some description. So we weren’t exactly amazed – and didn’t have to try too hard to contain our excitement – when Smart told us they had a new car on offer – the Smart ForTwo Edition Urbanstyle – based on the Smart ForTwo Passion.

OK, another Smart ‘Edition’. So what does this one give us? Well, it’s Matt Grey – wheels and all. Black leather on the inside with yellow stitching. You also get leather on the steering wheel and gear knob – and fake leather everywhere else – with some matt silver detail and the odd yellow splash.

Smart say that “…navigating the bright lights is guaranteed to be an entertaining experience for the edition urbanstyle’s occupants.” Why? Because you get a 5.8″ touch-screen Audio with iPod and Bluetooth. Oh, and the SatNav is integrated. This level of equipment “…features infotainment technology rarely seen in this sector.” says the man from Smart. So now you know.

How much? £11,495 is the starting point, but it depends whether you opt for the 71bhp engine or the turbocharged 84bhp unit. A cabriolet version is available as a special order only. Which considering the only photo Smart sent us is the cabriolet. Seems an odd bit of marketing.

Smart are producing just 160 ForTwo Edition Urbanstyles. What’s the betting they will announce a new ‘Special Edition’ shortly before they’re all sold?

Smart Limited Edition. The motoring equivalent of the DFS Sale. Ends soon but there’ll be another along straight after.

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