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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Starts

Sat, 22 Aug 2009

Production of the Smart ForTwo EV starts in November

The 2nd generation Smart uses centrally positioned Lithium Ion batteries which power a rear mounted 30kw motor generating 120nm of the twisty stuff from the off. Which should make the ForTwo Electric respond pretty well in the city environment it’s designed for. But don’t get too excited. Top speed is just 62mph and it manages 0-30 mph in 6.5 seconds. So you won’t be winning the traffic light Grand Prix in the ForTwo EV.

The Smart EV has a range of 72 miles when it’s fully charged, but with the acknowledgement that this is a car designed for City use – not touring round the country – that is probably adequate for all but exceptional circumstances. And, if you do need a recharge, you can splash and dash – of sorts. You can get an extra 20 miles from a 3 hour charge, so if the restaurant you’re in lets you plug your Smart in the wall whilst you have a leisurely lunch, you might be able to get home after.

Mercedes are planning on leasing out the Smart ForTwo EV initially on 60,000 mile, four year leases in Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Rome, Milan, Pisa and Madrid. But despite referring to the previous Smart EVs running in London, there is no mention of any UK cities on Smart’s initial lease plan list. Which does seem odd. London would be a big market for the ForTwo ED, especially considering the congestion charge exemptions. It would also be nice to see them replacing the horrible G-Whiz as the urban runaround.

Still, maybe it’s a German conspiracy to stop Boris making London the Electric Car Capital of Europe.

By Cars UK