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Spyker Supercar & Spyker ’911′ at Geneva 2013

Wed, 06 Feb 2013

It seems that Victor Muller is planning not just a Spyker ’911′ for Geneva, but a Spyker ‘Supercar’ with oodles of power too.

We discovered last year that Victor Muller has picked up the reins at Spyker once more, dragged in some investment from China and was working on the return of the Spyker D8 Peking-Paris super SUV (that started life as the D12). But, as this is Victor Muller, there are more grandiose plans in play.

The interwebs have been full of a Spyker ’911′ heading for the Geneva Motor Show next month, so we thought we ought to talk to people well connected to Victor and Spyker to see what we could come up with.

It seems that Victor’s plans for a Spyker ’911′ are real, although no one we talked to had any real idea of exactly what will underpin it, or what would power it. Is Victor going to drag unused platforms from the defunct C8 Laviolette – complete with Audi V8 power under the bonnet – and craft a more sporty body? Anyone’s guess.

But what also came out of our discussions is that Victor isn’t just planning a Spyker take on the Porsche 911, but a new supercar with ‘oodles’ of horsepower.

What form the Spyker Supercar will take we don’t know – and nor did anyone we spoke to – but it’s certainly in the planning. We can only assume that Victor has managed to acquire something very meaty to stick under the bonnet of a titivated C8 Aileron.

The obvious route would be something like the LS9 V8 from GM – which can offer up to 650bhp - but Victor isn’t exactly in GM’s good books at the moment.

More when we get it, or when Victor takes the wraps off his latest toys at Geneva next month.

By Cars UK