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Ssangyong C200 Hybrid shows at Seoul

Fri, 03 Apr 2009

The Ssangyong C200 Hybrid shows at Seoul

Ssangyongs have always been pretty dated lumps. Cheap, true, but not a great deal to recommend them beyond that. But the C200 is a different kettle of fish. For a start, it’s a lot smaller than Ssangyong’s past offerings, at just 14 feet long, and is a lot more contemporary looking than previous cars.

Designed by¬†Giugiaro’s ItalDesign, the C200 is a funky, urban vehicle (Ssangyong are calling it a ‘Compact Urban Vehicle’, or CUV) designed to handle the rough and tumble of city driving. In fact, it’s similar in concept to the Nissan Qazana, in that it looks out of context like a big 4×4, but when you get up close it looks like it’s been on a boil-wash and shrunk!

But this is probably a sensible route to go. There is no denying that a big section of the car buying public likes the high-riding 4×4, but in these constrained times many are looking for cheaper to buy and run options. These compact urban vehicles could be a good seller.

The Hybrid Aero version of the Ssangyong C200 comes with a diesel hybrid powerplant, offering high torque 2.0 litre or Turbo 1.8. Ssangyong reckons emissions will be reduced by up to 50% with class-leading fuel economy.

Expect to see UK cars in showrooms early next year.

By Cars UK