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Stig outed as Ben Collins – again

Mon, 23 Aug 2010

The Stig is Ben Collins

It’s a game Top Gear has played since the days of ‘Black Stig’ (Perry McCarthy – F1 almost was) – Who is the Stig? Not only has it provided the Beeb with an endless run of free publicity as everyone and his dog speculates on the Stig’s identity, they’ve even made money on the back of the Stig’s identity with Stig-focused games and goodies from the gloriously tacky range of Top Gear ephemera.

And this last week Stiggy has been in the news as he tries to get his memoirs published – Stig: The Autobiography – much to the consternation of the Beeb, who believe his contract gives him no chance of revealing his identity.

No doubt because of the ‘Stig in the News’ with his literary ambitions, the Sunday Times got busy and had their newshounds digging for all they were worth to unmask the Stig. Finally they managed to turn up accounts for the Stig’s company from 2003 showing his big part in Top Gear as a driver. And they’ve proudly announced that the Stig is…Ben Collins.

Which won’t have come as a huge surprise to our regular readers. We told you that the Stig is Ben Collins – in January 2009.

Some say Sunday Times reporters read Cars UK. All we know is…they must have good taste.

By Cars UK