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Strate Collège Degree Show 2008

Fri, 04 Jul 2008

Strate Collège in central Paris held its annual Degree Show June 18-19, displaying works from students graduating from the Industrial Design programs. Twelve students from the Transportation Design program presented their work.

Nicolas Guille

'Between earth and sky' - how do we recreate the dream around a now commonplace object: the automobile. How can we inject dynamism to automobile through aviation-inspired architecture? With his 'Scythe' concept, Nicolas has taken into account the expectations on the new experience such an object could give tomorrow, and he offers a crossing between these two universes - aviation and automobile. Thanks to its asymmetry, Scythe offers two completely different experiences to the pilot and his passengers. The sensation of speed and technique for the former, in a sporting cockpit, and of smoothness and serenity for the latter, the passengers able to lie back and take in the sky in the rear glazed part of the vehicle.

Audi RSK
Kevin Nougarede

"Suffering to look good?" This was Kevin Nougarede's starting point to imagine his vehicle, whose aesthetic appearance would vary according to the violence or the forces it would be subjected to. Speed, shocks: how can a car take those constraints? Thanks to new technologies, Kevin also studies the interior of the vehicle, the passengers arranged around the driver, on a transparent floor, thus increasing the sensation of speed.

Shkval ()
Florent Mennechet

In 2038, Sotchi, a Russian seaside resort organises the 'Classic Sotchi' festival. This event gathers the objects of passion that have left their mark in the history of the automobile (Hispano Suizas, Voisins, Bugattis), aeronautics (MIG, Sukhoi, Dassault Aviation) and boats, with ekranoplans and hydroplanes. In this very particular case, Renault unveils an object that reminds of the automobile's values of the 20s: passion, excessiveness and pleasure. Renault "Shkval ()" is a hydroplane with power-assisting steering to optimise security and pleasure. Its electric engines and its energetic output make it an object embodying both excessiveness and rationalism.

Perpetual Transportation Machine
Antonin Cohen

Proposed as a technical experimentation vehicle and exclusive coupé for Cadillac, the machine is built around a new architecture, with a central vertically-oriented frame allowing increased modularity of its components. It is able to change from a classical engine to a fuel cell during its useful life, but it also needs to adapt in terms of ergonomics to its user's needs. Timeless aesthetics built around its specific chassis makes it able to endure the main cause of the never-ending renewal of current vehicles: technical progress.

Olivier Poulet

IPY20 (International Polar Year 2020) is a vehicle designed to enable the NGO called ICSU to conduct scientific research in polar regions. IPY20 can accommodate a crew of five scientists. The vehicle is powered by electric motors, with batteries recharged in polar stations through wind turbines and solar panels. The original attitude of the vehicle is due to the forward inclination of the windshield. This permits good downward visibility and avoids accumulation of snow on the windows. The wheels are modular and are adapted to polar regions. IPY20 is amphibious, which is why the front of the vehicle may recall the bow of a boat.

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By Brett Patterson