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Subaru Impreza WRX & Impreza WRX STI – more for your money

Wed, 21 Apr 2010

Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STI get free Prodrive Performance Pack

If, despite the state of the economy, you’re looking for a set of Playstation driving thrills in a real world car a Subaru Impreza is a good shout. The bog standard Impreza is not the quickest – or best looking – car on the block, but the WRX has a decent turn of speed. And the WRX STI gets things moving even better.

But it looks like the reluctance to indulge in fun in the current climate is biting a bit at Subaru, as they’ve announced that they’re throwing in a chunk of extra kit as a freebie on both the Impreza WRX and the Impreza WRX STI. Which may well make this the right time to buy.

So what do you get for free? The only thing that you really need to care about is the Prodrive Kit. The Prodrive Performance Pack gets bolted on to both the WRX and the WRX STI. It incorporates a  tweaked ECU and a  high-flow exhaust, making a real difference to performance.

With the Prodrive pack fitted the WRX manages 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds and the WRX STI in 4.8 seconds, both of which are seriously quick times. And in terms of value for money its hard to argue, particularly with the WRX which now starts at £18,995 including the Prodrive Performance pack and a set of 18″ alloys.

The Impreza WRX may have the styling cues of a last generation Korean eco-box, but you can live with a lot for 4WD performance on a par with an RS Focus – at just £19k.

By Cars UK