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Subaru Trezia: Geneva Launch

Mon, 24 Jan 2011

The Subaru Trezia

When we got news that Subaru were taking their half of the Toyobaru project to Geneva – the Subaru FT-86 – for its first public outing, we did mention that there would also be another Subaru launch – the Subaru Trezia. So we thought we ought to enlighten you a bit.

The Subaru Trezia is the fruits of another Toyota/Subaru collaberation, but rather than being a joint project between Subaru and Toyota this one is much simpler – badge-engineeering.

To all intents and purposes the Subaru Trezia is a Toyota Verso S. Yes, you do get a Subaru grill bolted on the nose and a makeover on the badging – but that seems to be about it.

The Trezia is already on sale in JDM and comes with the choice of 1.3 and 1.5 litre petrol engines. For Europe, the 1.3 litre petrol stays but the 1.5 litre option gets replaced by a 1.4 litre diesel. Sadly, the Trezia comes with a CVT ‘box as standard but it does – at least in Japan – get the option of 4WD.

The Subaru Trezia will go on sale in the UK and Europe shortly after Geneva.

By Cars UK