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Subaru WRX STI price cut & new power upgrade option

Fri, 24 Aug 2012

Subaru UK has slashed the price of the base WRX STI by £6k and added a new power upgrade option.

The supercar saloon for the Playstation generation that is the Subaru WRX STI has just become a great deal more affordable as Subaru UK slash an incredible £6,000 off the list price, with the WRX STI now available from just £26,995.

The WRX STI is already a stunning performer with its 2.5 litre four-pot delivering 287bhp and 300lb/ft of torque and able to get to 62mph in just 5.2 seconds, but if that isn’t enough Subaru has now launched a new power upgrade option.

For a relatively modest £1599 you can now opt for the WRX STI 340R upgrade (which can also be fitted retrospectively if you already have a WRX) which boosts power to 335bhp and 361lb/ft of torque and in the process cuts the 0-62mph to just 4.7 seconds.

That means the high performance WRX STI 340R costs £4500 less than the base car did until today, which is a great bargain for anyone looking for a high performance saloon. But anyone who recently bought a WRX STI must be on the phone right now demanding a bit of justice.

Darren James, Subaru boss in the UK, said:

The 340R power upgrade turns our most performance-oriented model into one of the most rapid and charismatic cars available in the UK.

The WRX STI was already an exciting car, but improved power and torque, as well as the unmistakeable Subaru exhaust note, make the car even more tempting. In making such a generous price offer, we’ve turned the WRX into one of the best value and most accessible performance cars available in the UK.

He’s not wrong.

By Cars UK