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Suzuki Swift S-CONCEPT Hot-Hatch at Geneva

Wed, 09 Feb 2011

Suzuki Swift S-CONCEPT

Suzuki ended up giving us a bit of detail on the 2011 Swift back in June last year. But their hand had been forced by a leak of photos, so they dribbled out that bit more than the leak did to negate its impact.

But by September Suzuki were ready to reveal the all-new, 2011 Suzuki Swift. And it’s a more than credible little hatch, offering more room and better quality from just £10k. But, although there was a new 1.2 litre lump on offer, there was nothing you could remotely consider ‘Hot’. But that looks about to change.

Suzuki has released the teaser image above of what they’re calling the Suzuki Swift S-CONCEPT, which we’re assuming is the heated-up Swift we’ve been half expecting since the 2011 Swift was revealed.

Suzuki are not giving away any details of what is under the bonnet of the Swift S-CONCEPT, but our sources are saying you won’t go far wrong if you think in terms of VW’s Polo GTI lump. Which manages to deliver 178bhp channelled through a a seven-speed DSG twin-clutch ‘box.

Which will make this a more than swift Swift.

By Cars UK